About Us

What Makes The Original New York Bagels a Deli ?

The “Original New York Bagels” is a delicatessen with all the foods that has made New York Delicatessens famous throughout the years. It has a real New York flair with the best bagels that the South has to offer. We could not bring the people to New York for the bagels so we brought the bagels to the people !

We have been serving the Charlotte Metropolitan area for more than four years. One of the managing partners, Armando Corrales, has worked in delis for over twenty years in the New York and New Jersey areas before opening in the outskirts of Charlotte. He has the knowledge of what is needed to make the “New York Experience” special.

The reason that the bagels are so special is that they are made fresh by us daily. The process is important because that is what makes the bagels taste so delicious and it is what keeps people coming back for more. The (fresh not frozen) dough, are mixed, formed, boiled and then cooked in our special rotating ovens. This is how they have always been prepared in New York delis because it creates the famous outer crust, while keeping the inside doughy. Once we are finished we have 23 varieties of bagels from which our patrons can choose their favorites.

In order to keep with the flair of the true New York Deli, we have much more than just our delicious bagels. We also have bialys, flagels, salt sticks, fletzels and muffins. There are more than a dozen homemade cream cheeses and a variety of salads. Also, we can’t forget to mention our scrumptious nova, white fish and freshly prepared white fish salad. People rave about our overstuffed deli sandwiches which are made from only the best meat available. Pairing a hot pastrami sandwich with a homemade knish is one reason people come back time and time again !

If breakfast is your favorite meal, don’t fret because here it is served all day ! You can select anything from a simple bagel and cream cheese to eggs, omelettes, pancakes, waffles and more.

We all have a sweet tooth sometimes and would like to have something to top off the meal. Here, at “The Original New York Bagels” we have mouth watering pastries, puddings and fruit. There are pastries like ruggelach, black and whites and linzer tarts to name a few. These go great with the variety of beverages that are offered. There is Coke, Dr. Brown, teas, Cappucino and the finest coffee available.

Also, we cater for all your special events; no matter how large or small. Look at the sample catering menu and choose what you like and then we can customize it just for you !

At the “New York Original Bagels” you will get a true taste of New York. It is a place with delicious food, great atmosphere and friendly people. It is where you are treated like family and our family deserves the best !